• Case 1
    Market Entry Strategy
    Case 1

    Market Entry Strategy for an Artificial Intelligence technology provider

    Countries involved: China

    Our team of in-country specialties collaborated to create an ultimate market entry strategy of direct exporting; the plan includes vital aspects of marketing, financial expenditure and cross-cultural awareness highlights.

    Project team prepared research plan in order to gather relevant information on the market insights, prepared competitive analyses, calculated related costs, including different tax options available to the client.

    In partnership with an alumni from Donghua University of Shanghai our team held a workshop on cross-cultural communication strategy. The aim of the workshop was to help our client to overcome cultural borders and build an efficient communication with foreign partners.

  • Case 2
    Business Plan development
    Case 2

    A sustainable Innovative men’s outerwear brand requested a business plan development

    Countries: The Netherlands

    Our client is a high-end brand starting up a circular raincoats project. The project is focused on bringing innovation to the industry by using nanotechnology in their fabrics.

    The goal of the collaboration with SIMQu was to create an ulitmate business plan. Prior to drawing a strategy, our team conducted an extended market research to get the core insights from the targeted customer group.


    • Developed client acquisition program
    • We helped identify 400+ potential partners for product placement globally
    • Supply chain reorganization, that led to cut of a yearly fixed cost by 12%
    • Conducted key competitors analysis
    • Prepared an extended financial plan: sales forecast, capital expenditure, P&L statement, etc

  • Case 3
    Market Entry Strategy
    Case 3

    Market Entry Strategy for an Australian brand of organic cosmetics that aims to expand to the Russian market

    Countries involved: Australia, Russia

    For ensuring a successful market entry, we have selected the main factors to focus on during the process. We focused on:

    • Rising awareness of the product via collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders in digital spaces
    • Conduct research and apply to the local authorities in order to get a appropriate licence for eco-marked beauty products
    • Specifying and evaluating the list of potential local distribution channels.


    • Detailed market entry plan with SMART goals
    • Dashboard with 30+ media influencers that have access to their target group
    • Copywriter in local language to maintain brand presence in the top three social media platforms in Russia
    • Contact with the four top beauty-product distributors in the country
    • Launch of the localized version of the website on .ru domain
    • Three signed parnterships for marketing activities across the country
    • Continious work on their Search Engine Optimization (SEO)